Who needs Orthotics?

  • People with high arches and low arches, also referred to as flat feet.

How are the Orthotics made?

  • The Orthotics are made using a technique called “direct mold”.
  • The process takes approximately 20-45 min

How do Orthotics work?

  • Orthotics work by supporting the foot and limiting certain motions that cause injury when running.
Custom Orthotics

Payment Options

  • Custom Orthotics: $249


Don’t take our word for it, read some reviews below:
Robert McLane

I have had a bad knee for a few years, Clint has always kept me in the game. World class guy. At the end of 2016, I was in a severe auto accident and suffer a crushed C7 vertabre and TBI. After 4 months of a neck brace after surgery, Clint and his world class…
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Olivia Gorial

Group runs for all levels, Physical Therapy, and love my inserts!

Heather Dixon

I have suffered from post tibular tendinitis for over 2.5 years. After physical therapy, orthotics made for my running shoes, and trying anti-inflammatory creams and scripts, nothing worked. Then someone referred me to Clint. After wearing the custom orthotics he made for me, for 2 weeks, I’m 100% pain free! It’s unbelievable the difference! I’m…
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Vicki La Verdiere Nixon
Clinton Township, MI

I am writing to express how happy I’ve been with the orthotics you made for me in June, 2006. I am a 41 year old woman who never ran a day in her life. As a newbie, I started running in May, 2006 after a friend and veteran of the sport suggested I would probably…
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