Robert McLane

I have had a bad knee for a few years, Clint has always kept me in the game. World class guy. At the end of 2016, I was in a severe auto accident and suffer a crushed C7 vertabre and TBI. After 4 months of a neck brace after surgery, Clint and his world class…
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Richard Doak

Clint was the only one, after 2 years of misdiagnosis by many other doctors, to properly identify my torn hip labrum. I will be returning to race form soon. Thank You Clint…

Olivia Gorial

Group runs for all levels, Physical Therapy, and love my inserts!

Mike Zaccardelli

They produce excellent custom soles and Clint can do a expert run analysis of your stride. Clint has all the technology and knowledge to help you when you need it.

Brittany Marie

Clint, Seth, Paul, Craig AND the rest of the team are beyond wonderful! I came to them due to an injury caused by running and being over stretched by a “stretching place.” Not only were they sympathetic of my need to continue my active life, they introduced me to my Triathlon Team. This was a…
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Eric Green

I very rarely get injured running but the times I have, been going to Clint and gets me back on track again. This is especially true since I am a masters runner and I am not getting any younger.
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Anna Pelton Flanigan

Very knowledgeable, the best in the business! I have been seeing Clint for 6-7 years. He is the reason I was able to recover from a very serious car accident and run again.

April Thiel

Clint is very attentive & not only helped me during our visit but gave me things to do on my own. I was able to keep running without risking injury! Love Clint!

Marilyn Vala

I’m a 60 year old female who’s been running for 30+ years and I’ve had some knee issues lately. I started seeing Clint a few weeks ago and he’s been great!!! My favorite is his antigravity treadmill…I’m hooked!!! First time I’ve been able to run in months and on top of that there’s no pain,…
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Kim Ouellette-Basinger

Highly recommend. Great staff, great techniques. They make sure you can keep doing what you love the most ex. running, working out, training for a marathon etc.

Heather Dixon

I have suffered from post tibular tendinitis for over 2.5 years. After physical therapy, orthotics made for my running shoes, and trying anti-inflammatory creams and scripts, nothing worked. Then someone referred me to Clint. After wearing the custom orthotics he made for me, for 2 weeks, I’m 100% pain free! It’s unbelievable the difference! I’m…
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Gordon Montross

The people that work here are all amazing! They give you the personal touch that is needed with physical therapy, very professional and caring!

Ian Panter

Solid staff with experience and knowledge to get you back to where you want to be.

Adam Frezza

I want you to know that you really opened my eyes to things I was doing wrong with the gait analysis and I appreciate that. I am now running with a shorter stride and have noticed significant decreases in knee/shin pain. The facility and staff there are great and very personable and I never felt…
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Vicki La Verdiere Nixon
Clinton Township, MI

I am writing to express how happy I’ve been with the orthotics you made for me in June, 2006. I am a 41 year old woman who never ran a day in her life. As a newbie, I started running in May, 2006 after a friend and veteran of the sport suggested I would probably…
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