I am very excited to announce we will be obtaining an Alter-G Anti-Gravity treadmill here at Clint Verran Sports Medicine. What was once only a dream of mine is becoming reality! This is the same unit used by the world’s top professional runners. It enables a runner just about any injury to continue to train while allowing for the bodies natural healing processes to occur.

Pricing Options:

  • 10 Minute Trial – Free
  • Single Use– $25
Alter-G Treadmill

The Alter-G also allows competitive runners to enhance their training with additional running volume without the negative effects of full-body impact. This treadmill allows the runner to toggle the percentage of their body weight from 20-100%. It runs up to 5:00/mile pace and 15% incline.

No longer is complete rest from a running injury necessary. Most running injuries will respond well to a slight decrease in impact force or bodyweight. The Alter-G allows for training to continue while your body heals!

Check out the video (above) and you will see for yourself the potential this technology has to improve treatment and prevention of running injuries. Stop by and check it out!