Hey Clint, Jackie and Co…

I’m about to hit one month, on the road, injury-free. Going out easy every other day is working very well for me. Minimal, good soreness on the off day… Stronger and bouncier on the run day with not so much as a phantom twinge from the original fibula injury. I’m even starting to expand the weekend run into something that I’ll be able to call a long run in another month or so. Right now it’s just a “little bit longer” run.

I owe it to you folks… The inserts got my mechanics in line and took the load off of parts that weren’t meant to handle it. The chance to run during my recovery on the Alter-G treadmill kept me sane, kept me happy, and taught me how to really listen to my own legs. The guidance and advice from both of you along the way has kept me from going out and re-injuring myself so far.

Thanks again you guys. I’ll send a note to my sports doc (Dr. Poley) too, opining that Team Clint should stay at the top of his referral list when it comes to broken runners. I’m a 44 year old mid-packer who still has dreams of running a lot faster than he probably should. I’m sure we’ll meet again. Hopefully on the trails!

Jim Yanchus

Jim Y


When I ran my first marathon, I had no clue what I was doing. After signing up with Jackie and Clint’s coaching services, they gave me the guidance and motivation to concur my next marathon which helped me take over an hour off my time while staying injury free. I would highly recommend their services to both novice and experienced runners.


Clint has helped me through several injuries associated with my running that I’ve experienced over the past couple years. With his state-of-the-art equipment, knowledgeable and polite staff, and his experience, he truly understands how to help athletes and non-athletes with injuries and also gives great advice for future injury prevention.

Josh Metcalf

While I have known Clint for almost 20 years now, I wouldn’t come back for treatment if I didn’t get results. Through a number of running related injuries, Clint and his team have consistently helped me find solutions to keep me moving. Two things that really set Clint Verran Sports Medicine apart is the staff’s deep understanding of the physical challenges of running and that they have a full service approach to treatment. Between Active Release Therapy, custom orthotics, state of the art modalities like EPat, the best in training tools like the Alter-G treadmill and one of the best massage therapists I have come across, CVSM covers all of the bases. With all of these tools and years of experience in and around athletics, Clint has consistently helped me find the answers to my injury issues. That is why I keep coming back.

Mike Franko

There I was just finishing my first half-marathon, having endured a sigificant amount of discomfort along the way, here’s this guy handing out flyers at the finish line that read “Running Pain? We can help!” – It was Clint. They were they successful in treating that injury (Psoas), and a couple of of others that have popped up since. The bottom line is that I have never missed a run due to injury since I began working with Clint and his team and I am thrilled to report that I have ran absolutely injury free for the last two years and that stretch has included three marathons. Thank you CVSM!

Ken Krausman, Clarkston