Who needs Orthotics?

  • People with high arches and low arches, also referred to as flat feet.

How are the Orthotics made?

  • The Orthotics are made using a technique called “direct mold”.
  • The process takes approximately 20 min’s

How do Orthotics work?

  • Orthotics work by supporting the foot and limiting certain motions that cause injury when running.

How much do Orthotics cost?

Price – $199

How do I get Orthotics?

  • Call our office to set up an appointment!
  • Phone : 248-289-1168

How long does it take?

  • Orthotics visit will take 20-45 mins.

Orthotic Testimonial

October 1, 2006

Dear Clint,

I am writing to express how happy I’ve been with the orthotics you made for me in June, 2006.
I am a 41 year old woman who never ran a day in her life. As a newbie, I started running in May, 2006 after a friend and veteran of the sport suggested I would probably love it. Two weeks before I turn 41, I decide I have got to get this body in shape and learn what is “so wonderful” about running! So off I go – purchase my first pair of Nike running shoes and start running on a high ankle sprain that I previously got in March. It hurt. I had no endurance and no stamina and that high ankle sprain was constantly barking at me! I was referred to you for orthotics and thought I’d better find out how you could help me. After 1 week with running on your orthotics, I no longer heard that left high ankle sprain barking at me. The orthotics have balanced out my gait, pain free, and have helped me to run – and to love it!

On Sept 16, 2006, I finished my FIRST 5K in Pentwater, Michigan. I couldn’t believe I finished. And to my surprise, I finished 2 nd in my age group! What an accomplishment for me. I couldn’t have done in without my orthotics. I tell EVERYONE they need your orthotics, whether they run or not.

I’d like to thank you for taking such special care in fitting me for my orthotics and for giving me everything I needed to learn to love this sport. It is sincerely appreciated.

Warm Regards,
Vicki La Verdiere Nixon
Clinton Township, MI