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The 5 Psychological Stages of a Running Injury

Treating injured runners over the years has sharpened my appreciation for the harsh psychological effects of injury. Although these injuries are typically minor in terms of their overall medical impact (stress fractures are not life-threatening), I’m consistently reminded of the powerful negative effect they can have on the runner’s psyche. Famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, … Continue Reading

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How to Run Thru a Michigan Winter Without Killing Yourself

If you’re anything like me, you’re stuck here in Michigan at wintertime with an insatiable running habit. Just like a child who wants a toy only after she can’t have it, Michiganders’ longing desire for a nice, long run intensifies when we cannot obtain it. Why? Because it’s friggin’ cold as hell. When it’s not … Continue Reading

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The Ups and Downs of Running

It has been suggested that I begin blogging on a weekly basis. Therefore, I’m making it my New Year’s resolution to post a blog on the site 52 times this year. Much like journaling, these blog entries will probably be more therapeutic for myself than any unfortunate soul who might stumble upon them. I would … Continue Reading

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