Seth is the newest addition to our clinical & performance staff at Clint Verran Sports Medicine! He graduated from the University of Michigan with his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and has been loving life as a physical therapist ever since. He has an incredible wife and 2 amazing kiddos-all of whom he is crazy about.

Seth’s sport of choice is CrossFit, and he hopes to be able to help out as many fitness athletes as possible here at CVSM.

Many healthcare professionals still don’t understand CrossFit and the profoundly positive impact it is having on individuals of varying ages, fitness levels, and demographics. Seth’s goal is to [finally] offer a uniquely tailored healthcare experience to CrossFitters in Detroit Metro who are struggling with performance or pain.

A few of Seth’s credentials and certifications that he enjoys utilizing in clinical practice are Functional Dry Needling, IASTM (instrument-augmented soft tissue mobilization), SFMA analyses (Selective Functional Movement Assessment), and graded/scalable loading protocols for any body area- yes, even with barbells in a physical therapy clinic (ever heard of that?)!

Seth also has extensive experience with post-surgical populations, including people who have undergone joint replacements, arthroscopic knee or shoulder surgeries, ORIF from fractures, and many others. He is passionate about helping people from all walks of life get back to doing the things they enjoy – whether that is walking to the mailbox without pain or being able to perform at an elite level at The CrossFit Games! He can’t wait to meet you.