Join the rapidly growing group of runners world-wide who are realizing outstanding benefits from Chi Running. Taught by certified instructor, and founder of ReallyBeThere, Ken Andrews, this class will benefit anyone – from beginning to advanced runners – and also those who may have been injured in the past and would like to get back into running. The focus is on learning how to run using correct posture, focus, breathing, and other vital aspects in order to run more energy-efficiently and injury-free. Run faster and further, plus enjoy your running much more… you can!

Program includes:

  • Introduction to Chi Running®
  • Correct posture/alignment
  • How to use the lean
  • Ankle/heel lift
  • Arm Swing
  • Harmonizing your lower and upper body movement for maximum efficiency
  • Cadence, gears & stride length, pelvic rotation – Chi Running at different speeds
  • Body looseners
  • Breathing
  • Effortless hill running
  • Video analysis – instant feedback on how you are doing
  • Running program development
  • Form focusing and visualization – How to sustain your improved form and performance

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